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Carter Bridge Real Estate Investment Limited (CBREI) is a Property Development Company in Ghana. Their experience was first founded in the UK through a small property management firm, managing their own business and residential portfolio. CBREI later sets their eyes in Ghana.

CBREI wants to break down the barrier and challenges when buying in Ghana by especially oversea residents. Our UK background means CBREI understands the integrity, efficiency and expectation expected when buying property and investing huge sums. This is why the overall manging of the buy is carried out by a UK management firm. We will not allow our truncations to made informally, with a by-the-way agreement or traditional agreement (via the local chief’s acceptance and gift). All transactions are carried out by practising solicitors. Clients will not have to worry about litigation claims, which, unfortunately, can be one of the downfalls when buying a property in Ghana by overseas investors.

Why did CBREI start their company? The UK property market became oversaturated, making buying a small unit 10x what it was worth a few years back; they decided to take their skill and knowledge to a country that would benefit from good quality builds at affordable prices. Our main goal is the love of the land, and the desire to encourage the Africa diaspora to ‘return home’ and invest in a country that welcomes all.

Property Location

Ghana has a fast-growing economy with development, life and business opportunities emerging every day. Ghana is made up of 216 districts, one of those districts is in the growing community-based in the central region of Ghana known as Kasoa.

Kosoa is in the Central Region of Ghana which contains 20 districts. Which is made up of 1 metropolitan, 6 municipal and 13 ordinary districts. Kosoa is located in the Awutu Senya West district.

Like many bustling and enriched communities in Ghana now, they began their early days with more space and people than homes. Those large spaces are now great comminates which are enjoyed and boasted by the middle class, the locals and oversea investors – many ‘returning home’. Kaosa is no different. With traditional and governmental land being sold in Acres, there has been a rise in more homes and better homes.

Our New Build Properties

Our build is a stunning 4 bedroom property set in the new development near Pentecost. There are small and large property investors which have purchased the surrounding land. This makes Kaosa an exciting new opportunity for would-be investors to be part of the new community. with a collection of apartments, townhouses, restaurants, hotels and local shops. The government has invested in a new university, a local police station, and a new medical centre. Kasoa is a new and up and coming area not to be shunned upon due to its early days.

So whether you are a would-be investor or an entrepreneur looking to snap up and be part of those who have a hand in re-creating of the motherland and helping to change Africa’s narrative or you are simply one of our African Diaspora family members, wanting a future home/ holiday home in Ghana, this is the place to start.


Shopping at West Hills Mall has gradually become a vital part of family life for many in the Accra West area, There is a wide variety of choices and bargains open to customers. The pleasurable ambience and the exceptionally secured and convenient shopping experience offered by the mall daily – only 22km from Pentecost (50 min drive).

West Hills is one of the most renown shopping experiences and hangout spots in Ghana. As well as one of the most popular malls in the country. Located in Kasoa, one of the biggest malls in West Africa which spans 27,700 square meter in size, with parking for more than 1,500 cars and with more than 30 shops, including:

  • Popular Fashion Brands like Edgars, Mango and Identity
  • 8 Restaurants
  • 6 Financial Institutions
  • 4 Health and Beauty Services
  • 2 Major Telecommunication Centres
  • 1 Photo Store
  • 1 Cinema and a Playground for Kids

The West Hills is a must-see in Accra

Kokrobite Beach

32km (60 min drive)

ACC-Kotoka Intl. Airport

47km (1hr 20 min drive)

House Party Karts

28km (59 min drive)

Buying Off Plan in Ghana

Going back 20 years, off-plan purchases were almost unheard of. Off-plan purchase were reserved for the rich or multi-national/national companies as ways to acquire assets below market value and then sell on at market rates. However, this is and solely the preferred way of purchasing property in the Far East and how they have been able to grow their property market to the envy of the world, Now it is a firmly established mode of purchase in the UK and UK buyers are engaged fully in the method of sale, and the opportunities it brings. This way of purchasing property has many benefits.


The right property can increase significantly in value after it is built, making purchasing off-plan a financially sound decision. Off-plan in the early phases of their development has traditionally presented an opportunity to secure a residential unit at a discount.

Purchasing a property before it is completed can feel very risky. However, buying off-plan has many financial benefits one to mention could is the reduce costs by having the property decorated to your desire before you move in, with the same contractors. In addition, you can rest assure as all work is covered with our guarantee scheme, and of the same quality as the rest of the home.


Buying off-plan can save you thousand in investment costs. As an investor, the more you buy the more you save. If you want a sound investment, which will grow while yielding healthy yearly profits. consider bulk buy. Buying in bulk also means you can secure the properties at a discount rate and build a property portfolio from the outset.

Payment Plan

Investment Highlights

  • Buying into a newly developed area.
  • Fittings and fixtures to your personal requirements
  • Luxury facilities
  • Guarantee on all appliances.
  • All modern air-conditioned apartment with state of the art amenities.
  • Regular bin collection with land maintenance.
  • A 24-hour security guard and CCTV surveillance.
  • Tenants found for all buy to let investment properties.
Month 1 - 20% Phase 1

First instalment deposit on contract exchange – £22,587 – (digging off foundation, erecting of the pillars, building the structure, fitting the roof, water supply)

Months 5 - 40% Phase 2

Second instalment – Remaining off-balance – £45,174 – (plumbing, electrics, bathroom fixtures and fittings, kitchen units – fixtures and fittings).

Month 12 - 40% Phase 3

Completion balance – £45,174 – (painting, flooring, air conditioning, landscaping any personal furniture)

12 months completion (can be completed earlier)

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Disclaimer: Buying property off-plan does come with associated risks and so wherever you choose to invest, always ensure that you undertake your own careful planning and due diligence prior to parting with your money.